Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 WOOLLY RACE Course Maps

With the addition of the great new addition of "flow-type" singletrack, Erratic Rock, to our trail network last Fall, we had to get creative to determine the race course for this year.  The addition of this new trail will allow us flexibility from year to year to keep the courses different.  To keep things simple for everyone, we are sticking with 2 courses this year.  Kid's Comp and Citizen will race the same course.  After Citizen finishes, we will make a few basic changes before the Sport/Marathon racers hit the trails.

Citizens and Kid's Comp will not race through the West Ridge, so they will head from Start/Finish straight to Riegel Park, but they won't ride through the Rock Gardens.  Once they leave Wissahickon North (we won't have any classes racing through Wissahickon South this year), they will ride the Gandy Dancer straight to Big Oak.  (These classes will not race our new section, Erratic Rock, but it is a fun section, so feel free to check it out on your pre-ride or come back and ride later this summer.)

The Sport/Comp/Elite/Marathon classes will race a longer lap.  They will ride most of the trail network.  The highlight will be they get to enjoy our newest section of singletrack, Erratic Rock.  These classes will not ride through the ski trails after Riegel Park or Wissahickon South this year.

When you head up to pre-ride, it would be best to park at either the trailhead (marked by the red circle with white T) or at the High School, which is where Start/Finish will be located on race day.

The trails are currently in great shape, maybe a little on the dry side.  The rain in the forecast over the next week or so will actually help course conditions.  Trails should be open for pre-riding for the next couple weeks.  Trails are always marked and open to riding. 

Later this week, we will be putting up some basic signage to identify the 2 different race courses, so figuring out the course during your pre-ride will be simple.

Friday, May 1, 2015


The BIGGEST day of the year for the Woolly Bike Club is quickly approaching.  The 9th edition of the St. Croix Valley Woolly Race will be held on May 17, 2015.  Last year, we were blessed with PERFECT weather and that brought out the racers...and lots of them.  We had over 450 racers and ended the season as the largest race of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series 2014 season.

The W/B/C works all year to prepare for the race, but on race day we can't do it alone.  We really need volunteer to help this great event happen.  Our volunteer give the racers a top flight experience in the St. Croix Valley and encourages them to come back often.  This isn't hard and there are several different opportunities that you can choose from to help make this race happen.  Our volunteers always enjoy their experience, so please sign up to help out...and talk a friend or family member into joining you.

REGISTRATION (7am-1pm) - We need a few volunteer to assist with the registration process.  This is busy, but enjoyable.  We have a great local "registration guru" that has oversaw the operation for the last few years.  With the excellent support we receive from the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, these volunteers really start the racers' day on the right foot.  You will receive excellent direction and interact with the racers when they are excited to be at one of the first races of the year.  Our registration volunteers are critical to the success of the day, but every year they report having a great time.

COURSE MARSHALLS (8:45-4:30) - These volunteers get to see the race action up close.  They will be located out on the race course at road crossings or other critical locations on the trails.  As they direct and assist racers and spectators, they keep the race flowing smoothly and see all the excitement from the heart of the race.  Course Marshalls are critical to the success of every years race.

FEED ZONE (8:45-4:30) - You will get the chance to be some people's heroes for the day as you hand out water and energy drink.  Some people grab a cup as they speed by and hopefully yell a "THANK YOU" over their shoulder.  Others will stop, struggle off their bike, stretch a bit and chat, while they re-hydrate and recover.  Either way volunteers at the feed zones have some of the most fun and are appreciated more than any other volunteers!

You can commit to all day or just a few hours.  Even if you are racing one of the classes, we can find a spot for you to help out before or after your race.  Any volunteer that signs up and completes a 4 hour shift or longer will get the limited edition "2015 WOOLLYLAND" T-shirt.

Please email with your name, phone #, email address, hours available to volunteer, position desired and T-shirt size (if you are available for a 4+ hour shift).  We will confirm receipt of your email and follow up with specifics of what you will be doing.

Thanks for joining us to make the 9th edition of the race a great experience for everyone involved!