Thursday, August 3, 2017

Help Woolly Put More Kids on Bikes!

The Woolly is very excited to announce it has committed to support the Saint Croix Falls High School in purchasing 22 mountain bikes for use in their Physical Education and Outdoor Physical Education curriculum.

Over a two year process a group of dedicated community members and educators have written many grants and raised a good portion of the money necessary to get the program rolling.  With a matching fund offer set to expire the Woolly stepped in to commit the $3100 necessary to maximize the matching grant.

The program will be working with CyclovaXC, the official bike shop of the Woolly Bike Club, to purchase 22 high quality Trek mountain bikes.  Longtime Woolly Bike Club Sponsor, St. Croix Regional Medical Center, has also donated 25 helmets to the program.

Now that the Woolly has committed to support getting more kids on bikes, we would like to ask you to help the Woolly.  All donations between now and the end of August will go directly to supporting this cause.  As always, your donations to Woolly (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit) are tax deductible.

The Woolly is very excited to support exposing more kids to this life time sport of mountain biking.  We hope you are as excited as we are.

Click the image below to donate via PayPal:


Mail a check payable to Woolly Bike Club to:
PO Box 114
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024


Drop a check payable to Woolly Bike Club off at CyclovaXC in downtown SCF.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Woolly Tuesday Evening Group Rides @ 6:30

We just wanted to remind folks that every Tuesday evening (unless otherwise noted) that the Woolly Trails are open we host a group ride that leaves the trailhead at 6:30.  As we move from summer to fall we may move the start time up to account for sunset, but for now 6:30 gives folks coming from work a few extra minutes to get to the trails.

The first lap is always no drop.  After that it is a go at your own pace.  I know some folks like to get a little earlier start.  I would encourage you to get a warm-up in and then loop back to the trailhead at 6:30 to join the fun.  Group rides are a great way to get some social time and improve your biking skills no matter your skill level.

So hopefully we will see you at the trailhead this Tuesday at 6:30!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Big Oak Trail Updates

Thursday evening a handful of Woolly volunteers headed out to do some trail fixes and improvements in Big Oak.

First up was to shore up the bridge feature.  Its built on top of a log and some of the boards were working loose.  It's been reinforced and should be good to go for a while.

Next was the log skinny in the middle.  Sadly, there was no saving that rotted mess.  It just got rolled off into the woods.

But we wanted more tech too, so we built a new log skinny just before bridge.  This one is pretty skinny, but it is also nice and close to the ground.  As you can see in the first picture we even got Chuck Norris to test it out for us.  OK, maybe that is just Dirt Boss Jason, but he still has a nice kick going.

There was also some general maintenance activities going on with some face slapper trimming and leaf blowing.

Going forward there are discussions of adding some additional technical features in the center of Big Oak and creating a little tech loop for folks to session in the woods.

If you are interested in helping with trail projects and maintenance get in touch with us via Facebook and we will get you in the loop.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Copper Harbor Big Boy Clinic Recap

Copper Harbor Big Boy Clinic

So if you have been around me at all recently you'll know that I've declared this "The Year of the Bike".  I'm still a skier first, but I've got the entire (very long with this weather) off season to dedicate to the bike.  It started with the Fat Bike Birkie, rolled straight into crazy gravel events (Mammoth Gravel, Trans Iowa, and the Royal, each and everyone of those very very wet).  But now it is time to go big on the mountain bike.

Why Do I Want Skills?

I started mountain biking in 2012, so if my engineers math is correct I've been doing it for about 5 years now.  Anyone who has seen me mountain bike will know that my racing is all fitness and zero finesse.  I'm pretty sure I was known as the guy who showed up to the Woolly group rides and crashed and bled EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The author doing his first Woolly Mountain Bike Race in September of 2012.
Fast forward to this past summer.  I'm still trying to fitness my way through mountain biking.  I'm crashing a little less often, but when I do they are more catastrophic.  I tried to break my thumb, cracked my ribs twice, and basically ended my season with a broken collar bone in August.

Further evidence of my lack of bike skills was every time I'd ride with other club members.  We'd hit a corner or a downhill corner and I'd look up and they would be way up the trail.  This was strongly reinforced when Nate and I took our 300 miles of gravel riding together (Mammoth Gravel, Strada Fango, Royal) and went to do Tatanka.  While we had been within 100 yards of each other for that 300 miles of gravel he finished the Tatanka in 10 something hours and it took me 14.  That was about as clear of evidence of the skills gap as you could get.

With roughly 300 miles of ultra endurance mountain bike races scheduled for the rest of the summer, I'd like to try and minimize that skills gap.  I figure I've got an easy 20 to 40 percent improvement without having to do a single interval (don't worry, I will do those too).

When I saw the Copper Harbor Trails Club organizing their men's skills clinic (a recent addition to their highly popular women's clinic) I was all on board.  Three days of intensive skills development on some killer trails in a beautiful location sounded like just the ticket to start the summer of mountain biking.

How The Clinic Went Down

The rough schedule looked like this.

  • Friday
    • Optional suspension setup
    • Introductions/Plate making/Opening statements
    • Small groups assigned to head coaches and assistant coaches (5 groups of 8 students)
    • Morning skills in the park
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon skills on the trails (shuttles)
    • Break for dinner
    • Videos and social
  • Saturday
    • Skills in the park
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon skills on the trails (small rotation of coaches for specific skills)
    • Break for dinner
    • Beer Luck
  • Sunday
    • Choose your own adventure focus ride (XC racing technical climbing and descending, Pumping/Bumping/Jumping, Intro to Enduro Racing, Advanced Enduro/DH Racing, Overflow/Downtown Ride Throughs)
    • Lunch
    • Closing remarks

I got assigned to, what I'm guessing, was mostly likely the beginner group.  In addition to myself it included the self professed roadie and a gentlemen who had come to mountain biking much later in life.

Our first morning of skills in the park were all extremely basic body position drills.  Think get your bike up to speed and then ride it in a straight line coasting.  Yup, that basic.  I won't attempt to run you through all of the drills we did, but I'll throw out a bunch of the buzz words I heard a lot.  Bike body separation, attack position, head up, elbows out/around, knees out, low wide and centered, look where you are going, etc.  I heard those terms many many times throughout the weekend.

We took our drills to the trails in the afternoon taking the shuttle up and hitting a few trails to try applying the sterile field skills to real trails.  I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling like there was a ton of improvement that first day.  There was no magic "one strange trick to make you an awesome mountain biker".  There were a few corners that felt better, but nothing that was like I was suddenly going to be an elite racer.

The second day was much the same as the first.  Skills in the morning and trails in the afternoon.  We repeated some of the basics, but progressed on to some more intermediate skills including wheel lifts, baby drops, and pumping.  The afternoon found us on more advanced trails (Red Trail) trying to put some more pieces together.  At this point I could feel some actual improvements.  Maybe not surprisingly, if you put together all of the basics (eyes where you want to go, attack position, balanced, elbows out, etc, etc) you can do a fair impression of a real mountain biker.  It was definitely mixed with lots of moments of regression and wondering why I sucked so bad.  Then I would remember one or likely more of the fundamentals I forgot to employ.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the carry over from Saturday's ride on the Red Trail to Sunday's ride on the Red Trail.  We will start with Saturday.  The upper half of Red Trail is pretty rocky and rooty with a few small root and rock drops of 6" to 12".  All very rideable, though I was riding it faster this time than I had a few years prior.

The lower half is a different story.  It has some 5' rock drops, some to rock and some to bridges.  Most of my group rode those drops on Saturday afternoon after some coaching.  I however did NOT.  It was enlightening to see it happen, which put the thought in my head that obviously it was possible.  The what if I crash was in my head though and would not let me do it.  I was honestly a little disappointed in myself.

Assistant coach Ryan showing us a "line" on Red Trail.
Come Sunday we had the "pick your poison" group session.  I picked the peddally group, otherwise known as the XC racing technical climbing and descending group.  The rest of the groups all shuttled the day.  Not us, we rode UP the hills.  We rode all the way up Red Trail first.  Including the rock drops.  Talk about an eye opener for what is possible on a bike!  I didn't make it, but I learned a few tricks and I think I'll be able to get there.

OK, long story longer, once we reached the top, it was time to go down again.  I hung to the back and told the coach who was running sweep that I didn't ride the drops the day before and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do it today either.  Well, we got to the first drop and I said, uh, well I said to myself I would try it.  And I didn't crash!  5' rock drop to the 3' bridge and I was stoked!  I rode the rest of the trail hitting the drops and I was beyond happy.  Some of it was just trying to hang with the big XC boys, but it would have been impossible or disastrous without all of the fundamentals of the previous two days.

I of course didn't take any pictures of my own, but Andrea from JRA on Mountain Bike Radio and Brick House Racing had a few on her blog and was gracious enough to let me borrow the following two images.

This is the view of the rock drop as you roll up.  Steep enough you can't even see the near side of the bridge.
Here is the view looking back towards the drop from on the bridge. Its hard to tell, but that rock face is nearly vertical.
 To close that out we finished our ride by going down Paul's Plunge.  We came into that one blind and from the sounds of it I wanted to scope it out first and then maybe ride it.  The suggestion was that we try riding it blind because in long races you don't always get to preride the course.  Well, I rode it blind.  And then rode it a couple more times because it was fun!

Pictures really don't do it justice, but that is a big hill those guys are standing on and scoping out lines.  And, yeah, I rode my bike down it and was stoked!


So while the clinic started slow and I didn't magically become and elite mountain biker over the course of the weekend I am extremely happy I went.  Sure I had heard most of what we worked on in various videos on the internet.  But repetition with immediate feedback and an incremental approach under the watchful eye of numerous coaches was far better than fumbling around on my own.

All of the coaches were top notch.  All of the fellow clinic participants were fun to ride with.  The evening events were just as much fun social events as continued learning.  Copper Harbor is still a beautiful place to go hang out.

My primary takeaways were:

  1. Basic body position
  2. An opening of my eyes to line selection (where I would have seen one line, turns out there were usually two or more, and mine usually sucked)
  3. A number of technical climbing subtleties
  4. A new appreciation for what is possible on a bike
I'll say it now, if it works in my schedule, I will definitely be back next year.  From what I gathered roughly half of this years participants were repeat attenders.  While I'm a better mountain biker already, and I have a bunch of foundational items I can work on all summer, I could definitely get my money's worth again.

Copper Harbor has OK views.

Last note... as a parting gift, we all got these incredible 12" x 18" prints of us riding over the weekend.

Me, riding On The Edge

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Post Woolly Race Survey

Wow, what a weekend!  The entire Woolly Crew would like to thank each and every racer, family member, spectator, sponsor, and Mother Nature for a great event.

If you joined us this weekend we would really appreciate it if you would participate in a very brief survey.  The purposes are two fold.  One we want your honest feedback so we can make the event even better next year.  Second, we'd love to have some data to help support our belief that Bikes Mean Business to St. Croix Falls.

The survey is 8 questions, 9 if you count optionally entering your email address for a chance to win a sweet Woolly T.  It shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.


We hope to see you back in Woolly Land soon.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Woolly Wander Winners

The Woolly Bike Club would like to thank everyone who came out today to Wander Woolly Land.  From the sounds of it, everyone who went out had a good time.  We had over 20 people take a shot at winning prizes.  Most excitedly, the majority of them were kids!!  A family fun event for sure.

Without further ado, here are your winners.

Best Score 18 or under: Malory Jerosak
Best Score over 18: Jamie Ohmdal

Anyone can win, random selection: Charli Worcester
Get all 20: Issac Rynes/Charlie Valeen

Stop by the Woolly Race Headquarters tomorrow anytime during the race to receive your prize.  Don't know where Race Headquarters is?  Ask any of the Woolly Volunteers tomorrow and they will get you pointed in the general right direction.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Woolly Weekend Update - Race Weekend!

We have clearly done something right!  You can't possibly ask for better weather than we are going to have for the big Woolly Weekend.  So, shall we run down a few reminders about the weekend?


Come on out today and pre-ride the course.  I'm not sure we've got everything fully marked yet, but grab the map here and you should be able to figure it out fairly well.  Keep your heads up, we will have folks out doing some final trail work to make sure everything is in perfect shape for the weekend.

Sport, Comp, and Elite course map

Kids Comp and Citizen course map

Before or after riding, be sure to stop at one of our sponsors for some fueling.  We highly recommend Valley Sweets, Mama T's Sweet Treats, and Dalles House Restaurant and Lounge.  You will find something for everyone at one of those establishments.


Saturday afternoon is of course the innagural Woolly Wander.  Come check out our trails and the city of St. Croix Falls as part of this scavenger hunt.  Its FREE, family friendly, and has $200 in CASH PRIZES plus additional SWAG PRIZES.  Hit up the Woolly Trailhead between 1pm and 5pm (must be returned by 5pm so don't start then) to pick up a clue sheet and start exploring.

Additionally the city of St. Croix Falls is hosting a bunch of other fun family friendly events all day.  Check out the St. Croix Falls Spring Awakenings page for all sorts of fun activities.


Then of course we have the big day on Sunday.  A full schedule of racing to kick off the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series.  Last year we set an attendance record.  With weather like this on tap, I say we try and outdo ourselves.

If you don't want to race, but still want to pitch in, we can always use a few more volunteers.  Send an email to and we will gladly find you a place to pitch in for a few hours.

Thank our Sponsors

As always, we couldn't do this without the generous support of our sponsors.  Check out these awesome local businesses and be sure to thank them if possible.  If you hit up any other local establishments be sure to tell them you are in town for the Woolly.  We want people to know that the Woolly means business!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

We certainly hope you got out to Woollyland yesterday - conditions were awesome. However, all good things must come to a (hopeful) brief end - Mother Nature has spoken and we must listen - trails are closed until the rain ends and the trails have a chance to dry out.

This weekend was full of some EPIC bike adventures for a few of our fellow Woolly bikers! Some near (StradaFango), some far (TransIowa). Stay tuned for what will be an entertaining recap of said adventures!

Until then, think happy "good" weather thoughts for this coming weekend and our own EPIC adventures of the Woolly Wander Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, May 6 and the 11th annual Woolly Race on Sunday, May 7. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Trails are open!!!!

The Woolly Race is just around the corner, just a week away! Get a little pre-ride in tomorrow while the sun is shining and the rain clouds are at bay.

If you aren't into racing next Sunday volunteers are still needed. Please email Any help would be appreciated!

Hope to see you on the trails!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trails Opening Sunday April 23!!

Its finally happening.  The Woolly will be open for business starting Sunday morning April 23rd.

Its a bit damp out there yet but we are going to call all of the trails open except Riegel Park (the single track between the Lower Meadow and including the Rock Gardens).  We'll have it taped off well.  Please respect that closer.  Its very wet in there still.

Everything else is good to go.  It also happens to be more or less what the course will be for the 2017 Woolly Race coming up in just a couple of weeks.  So get out and pre-ride.

The 2017 race course and basically what will be open starting Sunday.

A couple of other reminders while we've got your attention.

1) We still need volunteers for the race on Sunday May 8th.  If you have a couple of hours please get in touch with

2) If you need Woolly kit, the Podium wear store is open for another week.  Click on over HERE, and use the password Woolly2017 and look sharp this season.

3) Finally, don't forget that we have the Woolly Wander on Saturday May 7th.  So come to town a day earlier than the race and check out all of what the St. Croix Valley has to offer and win CASH and PRIZES for this free, family friendly event.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Mammoth Woolly Update - MGC, Woolly Wander, Woolly Gear, Volunteers Needed

Seriously, this a big one.  Mammoth sized even.  There is a lot of stuff going on in Woolly Land.  Check out some of the updates below.  You can be sure you'll be hearing much more in the coming days and weeks as we get ready for the Woolly Race.

Mammoth Gravel Classic

Up first, the Mammoth Gravel Classic is THIS weekend.  Get those taxes filed and come on out to Saint Croix Falls on Saturday to enjoy this great gravel event.  I was riding some of that same gravel this past weekend and it should be another awesome ride.  We will see what this weeks precipitation does to the sand that was definitely out there in abundance last weekend.

Woolly Wander

Maybe you've seen the news already, maybe you haven't.  Saturday May 6th, otherwise known as the day before the Woolly Race, we are hosting the first Woolly Wander.  This is an all ages, all comers scavenger hunt on the Woolly Trails in Saint Croix Falls.  Be sure to come and you could win CASH PRIZES at this FREE EVENT.  You heard that right.

Check the Facebook event or the Web Site for more information.

Woolly Race

Of course there is the big race on Sunday May 7th.  Be sure to be there to kick off the 2017 MN Mountain Bike Series.  Registration is open so be sure to get on it.

Woolly Race Volunteers

What's that?  You don't want to race your bike but you want to contribute?  The Woolly Race can't happen with out a bunch of awesome volunteers.  The race is the main fundraiser for the Woolly.  By volunteering at the race you are helping support the club and the trails the rest of the year.

Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of positions, many of which can be done in pairs. You can volunteer for a full day, half day, or even just a couple of hours and still have plenty of time to cheer on your favorite racer, compete in one or more of the races, and enjoy Woolly 2017 as a whole. Anyone able to commit to 4 hours or more will get a free Woolly Race T-shirt as a thank you for their time.

Position Descriptions and Hours Needed:
  • Registration: 7am – 1pm
  • Course Marshals: 8:45am-4:00pm Direct and assist riders and spectators, monitor crossings and report accidents.
  • Feed zone: 8:45am-4:00pm Hand out water/energy drink on course or in finish area post races.
  • Clean-up/Tear down: 4:00pm ‘till it’s all packed up 

Positions will be done in shifts, so it is not necessary to commit to the full time listed for each. Just specify what hours you will be available to work. Email: with your name, phone#, email address, hours desired to work, position desired, t-shirt size and we will confirm receipt. Effective volunteers will be assertive and proactive, but always courteous and helpful. Thank you in advance for your consideration to help the WBC put on this yearly event!

Woolly Gear

Finally, the Woolly storefront is open again for you to pick up all of your sweet Woolly Kit to ride around in this summer.  The store will be open until April 30th when the order will be placed.  You're sweet new duds should arrive about the end of May.

Hit the storefront HERE

Password: Woolly2017

We will see you in Woolly Land soon.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mammoth Gravel Classic Updates

Hey folks, I know you are dreaming about dirt single track.  We should have some updates soon.  For the moment, we are still closed.  There are a number of places opening in the cities so until we can call the Woolly open you can still get a dirt fix.

But!  We are just nine days away from the Mammoth Gravel Classic.  The folks over at Woolly's favorite bike shop Cyclova XC have been getting ready for it.

Head on over to see their latest updates.

Mammoth Gravel Classic Updates

Friday, March 31, 2017

Not Yet - Woolly Trails Still Closed (3/31/2017)

We know the weather is nice and we know everyone wants to ride dirt.  We do too.  Unfortunately the trails are not ready yet.

We have been out checking them out and can assure you that they are still too wet to ride.  It is going to be a little while yet too.  We opted to make it as clear as possible and put some step stakes out with trail tape across some of the entrance points.  Putting the step stakes in we still hit some frost.

So please, for a while yet, stay off the trails.  We are just 5 weeks away from the Woolly Race and we want to be sure the trails are in the best condition possible which would mean not fixing damage done when riding (or walking or running) wet trails.

In case you were still wondering, consider what our friends in Duluth have posted for their trail conditions.  Same here.

In the mean time, we are just two weeks away from the Mammoth Gravel Classic.  So grab your gravel bike or pump those tires up and head out to check out the MGC course.  The 100 miler is fully marked already.  The 70 course is marked as far as County Road O (~mile 30).

Thinking warm and dry thoughts everyone!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Woolly Wander - Saturday May 6th

I know everyone is already planning to be in Woollyland Sunday May 7th for the big Woolly Race.  You should plan to come up Saturday afternoon for the Woolly Wander.

What is that you ask?  More details will follow, but for now think fun for all ages, trails and town, and CASH & PRIZES!!

Yes CASH.  Anyone can win.  Free to enter.

See you in Woollyland soon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I wonder what work of art we will find within this beautiful box???

Stay tuned...

Woolly is going to be looking goooood...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

REMINDER: Soft Trails are CLOSED Trails

I don't think you'll find a group more interested in getting out and riding dirt than the Woolly Club members themselves.  Unfortunately the trails aren't ready yet.  Please, please, please, stay off the trails until they are ready.

There is some discussion about building some new trails this summer in Woolly Land.  Folks riding wet and closed trails makes that hard to happen for a number of reasons.  First, instead of building, we are repairing trails.  Second, the Woolly Club does not own any of the land the trails are on, and we work hard to manage our relationships with our land managers and having sustainable and maintained trails is a key to our access.  Rutted up trails don't make good sales pitches to get access to build more.

We had a member out today clearing some of the downed trees from the winds a week ago.  The report is that the trails are still VERY wet and it is likely some time before we will be in a position to open them.  Remember, if you are leaving marks in the trail, whether that be tire tracks or foot prints, the trails are too soft to be on.  This applies to the Woolly Trails and the Gandy Dancer as well.

In the meantime, we can recommend a number of alternate activities.  First, check out the gravel scene.  The gravel roads never close and with the Mammoth Gravel Classic coming up in just a few weeks you'll want to be putting some miles in anyhow.  Two, go check out some skills videos online and take your bike for a spin in your driveway or yard and practice some of those skills you never have time to practice while chasing Strava KOMs on the trails.  Third, come on out to the Woolly Board meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the St. Croix Falls Library and see how you can get involved.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

8 weeks to WOOLLY 11

Yup, it's cold today, but 8 weeks from tomorrow, the weather is forecast to be perfect.  OK, I guess we can't promise the weather will be perfect, but it was last year, so why shouldn't it be this year?!?  Either way, the race will be upon us soon.

A great race requires a few things:

Great course - we have this covered.  Our trails are a great place to test one's legs and fitness early in the season.

Great weather - (we already discussed that)

Great racers - last year we had 560 registered racers and everyone that we heard from had a great day.  We are hoping to have everyone of them, plus many more racers this year.

Great sponsors - we are still finalizing this, but most of our great supports are willing to partner with us again this year....although we are always in search of others, so feel free to contact us at for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Great community - we are lucky to have a city (both local residents and government officials) that is supportive of our trails and events. 

Great volunteers  - WELL THIS IS REALLY THE TOPIC OF THE DAY.  Some venues only need a handful of volunteers to make a great race day, but our venue does not offer that luxury.  We have 5 road crossings, 2 aid stations, a well staffed registration table, T-shirt sales, course set-up and clean-up, etc...  For Woolly race to happen, we typically need 30+ volunteers AND WE STILL HAVE SPACE FOR YOU!!! Not only will we feed and hydrate you while you are working, but if you commit to a 4 hour shift, you will receive our beautiful limited edition 2017 Woolly Race T-shirt and believe it or not...THERE IS will receive lots of Thank you's, high fives, atta-girl/boys, pats-on-the-back, etc...

Our 2 shifts run basically from 8-12 and 12-4 on May 7 (but we do set course on Saturday, if you want to help with that).  We will find a need to fit around your schedule.  Whether you are well-versed in the mountain bike scene or if you have never even been to a race, we can find something that you will enjoy.  Plan to bring a friend or 2 and have on a good time. 

Not only are our volunteers life blood of the event, but they also bring the energy that ensures everyone enjoys their day and ensures racer's and spectators have a great day.

If you are interested in helping for the day or have any questions, please contact us a

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SNOWY Group Ride Wednesday 2/1/2017 - 6:00pm

If you are in the Twin Cities area, you may be wondering why the folks in Woolly Land are calling for a SNOWY group ride on Wednesday evening.  Well, while the Twin Cities got maybe a few flakes and above freezing temps on Tuesday, Woolly Land got 7" of snow.  Yes, really!

Check out that narrow band of snow right over Woolly Land.

Bjorn is grooming Tuesday night and we expect primo groomed single track to be available Wednesday morning.

Even better, a few club members will be at the Woolly Trialhead at 6:00 pm on Wednesday night o ride with you if you are interested.  Bring some lights and some fat tires to enjoy the SNOW.

Shout out to Bjorn for spending Tuesday evening turning this:

Into this:

More Fat Bike Goodness on Thursday @ Cyclova XC

While I've got your attention, I should make a shout out for Thursday evening's Adventure and Tech presentation at Cyclova XC.  This Thursday, February 2nd, Woolly's own Dallas Wynne is going to be presenting about his conquering of the Tuscobia 160 winter ultra on a fat bike.  So head on over to Cyclova XC at 6pm on Thursday to check out Dallas' story.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trails Closed Until Further Notice (1/19/2017)

One of the things that really bugs me, is when people in the Midwest talk about how "nice" the weather is when it is above freezing in January.  If you like that, move to Missouri or something.

This weather is terrible for the fat bike trails.  Until further notice the trails are closed.  The temperatures are going to be above freezing for a number of days.  Until it has had a chance to drop back below freezing and the trails can be evaluated and touched up please stay off.

Keep thinking "normal winter" thoughts.

The Woolly Crew

Monday, January 16, 2017

Trail Conditions Week of 1/16/2017-1/22/2017

Folks, it looks like Woolly Land is headed for another mid winter meltdown.  In order to preserve the trails for the best use for everyone here are a few reminders and the plans for the Woolly trails in the coming days.

If the temps are above freezing, the trails are closed.  So Monday night through Wednesday if you want some Woolly, you should get it in the morning.  The trails will be closed in the afternoons.

By about Thursday this week the temps look to rise above freezing and stay there through the weekend even overnight.  It will be critical to stay off the trails during this time in order to preserve the trails for when winter does eventually return.

Think cold snowy thoughts.