Monday, August 28, 2017

Woolly Week Ahead - Into Labor Day Weekend

Hey Woolly Land!

Summer is winding down, but it isn't quite over yet.  The weather looks pretty nice this week and we should be riding again soon.  In anticipation of that we would like to put out the heads up on a few opportunities and events coming up.

Trail Work Wednesday

The trails should be drying out, but they could use some of their regular love.  Things like a little weed whacking, face slapper trimming, and maybe even a pass with the leaf blower.  We've got the tools, all we need are some hands to operate them.

Meet Arron at the trailhead at 6:00pm on Wednesday August 30th to help give those trails you love some love.

Check in on our Facebook Event to let us know you are coming.

Thursday HS MTB Practice and More Trail Work

Thursday evening the Chisago Lakes Mountain Bike Team will be out practicing on the Woolly Trails.  Didn't know that Chisago Lakes had a mountain bike team?  It is brand new this year.  It is full of Woolly offspring as well.  Head on over to their Facebook page and check them out.  Spread the word if you know of some more 7th-12th graders in the area who would like to join.  It isn't too late.

And if you missed the trail work on Wednesday and still want to help out, drop us a note on Facebook.  As indicated, the team is half full of little Woollies so there will be some of us at the trail that evening and would be glad to help get you setup with some tools and pointers on some trail work.

Save The Date - Woolly Day 2018

Hey, this isn't in the next week, but we want to make sure you have a chance to plan your fall around it.  Our annual trails celebration/party will be Sunday October 8th this year.  Mark that on your calendar now for a good time on the trails.  More details will be coming in the next few weeks.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Still Time To Help Woolly Put More Kids On Bikes!

Things are getting exciting in Woolly Land relative to getting more kids on bikes.  As previously announced, the Woolly is helping the St. Croix Falls Schools add a fleet of 22 quality Trek bikes to their education curriculum.

The exciting development is that the bikes are starting to arrive at CyclovaXC!

There is still time to help the Woolly fill out the fleet.  All money donated to Woolly before the end of August is going directly to helping get those kids exposed to the life sport of mountain biking.  To donate today, see the information below.

Click the image below to donate via PayPal:


Mail a check payable to Woolly Bike Club to:
PO Box 114
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024


Drop a check payable to Woolly Bike Club off at CyclovaXC in downtown SCF.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Woolly Land Response Needed - DNR Survey

Attention Woolly Land residents and visitors.

The WI DNR is in the process of analyzing the needs for recreational opportunities.  They are currently in a stage of the process where they are looking for public input.  So the time is now to get your voice heard.

While this doesn't directly affect the Woolly Trails, as silent sports enthusiasts we do have a greater vested interest in maintaining and enhancing our other recreational opportunities.  A specific concern you may consider is the continued attempts to make the Gandy and Stower trails open to motorized use.  There is an opportunity during the survey to provide general feedback and that would be a good place to add a few comments about the challenges of shared use.

For more information on the survey, check out this article (and share it please) from the Wisconsin Bike Fed.

To go straight to the survey, click here (the survey is under the Online Feedback Opportunity section).

After you have completed the survey (only takes a few minutes), be sure to share the link around so we can get more folks to share their feedback.


--Woolly Crew

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Help Woolly Put More Kids on Bikes!

The Woolly is very excited to announce it has committed to support the Saint Croix Falls High School in purchasing 22 mountain bikes for use in their Physical Education and Outdoor Physical Education curriculum.

Over a two year process a group of dedicated community members and educators have written many grants and raised a good portion of the money necessary to get the program rolling.  With a matching fund offer set to expire the Woolly stepped in to commit the $3100 necessary to maximize the matching grant.

The program will be working with CyclovaXC, the official bike shop of the Woolly Bike Club, to purchase 22 high quality Trek mountain bikes.  Longtime Woolly Bike Club Sponsor, St. Croix Regional Medical Center, has also donated 25 helmets to the program.

Now that the Woolly has committed to support getting more kids on bikes, we would like to ask you to help the Woolly.  All donations between now and the end of August will go directly to supporting this cause.  As always, your donations to Woolly (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit) are tax deductible.

The Woolly is very excited to support exposing more kids to this life time sport of mountain biking.  We hope you are as excited as we are.

Click the image below to donate via PayPal:


Mail a check payable to Woolly Bike Club to:
PO Box 114
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024


Drop a check payable to Woolly Bike Club off at CyclovaXC in downtown SCF.