Woolly Race 2017

Interested in the 2017 edition of the Woolly Mountain Bike Race?  Here is a collection of links to take you to all of the relevant information on the race.
Be sure to check out our sponsors.  We can't do this race without them.

***SPORT/COMP/ELITE/MARATHON*** We will mix it up a bit from the last few years. For the first time in Woolly Race history, we will not ride the Rock Gardens. We will start with a lap around the soccer field to stretch things out before we dump into West Ridge. (Sport, Elite and Marathon will not ride West Ridge on their first lap.) This section is fast, but gruelling! There are some fast, fun, tricky decents, but "what goes down, must come up", so there are several short steep climbs and one long climb back up the the school.

You will transition to our upper singletrack sections though the school yard, walking path and a paved bike path. You will take a hard left in to the "lower meadow". This is a false flat that will take more our of you than you expect. We will climb the old snowmobile trail (skipping Riegel Park ) toward our on-course aid station. After a short section of ski trail, we will turn left onto the Gandy Dancer.

After the quick section of the Gandy, we will take a right turn into Wissahickon North and South, which is some of our oldest and most enjoyable singletrack. A smooth, twisty, turny good time with a few punchy climbs to keep you sharp. Push the pace in the corners and hope to separate yourself from the racers around you.

You will now jump on the Gandy Dancer for a half-mile, so grab your bottle or a gel pack and try to hang onto someone's wheel as you head to Erratic Rock. You will now enjoy 1 1/4 miles of flowy fun. The first section is a long gradual climb that will help separate the group, but you are rewarded by a great high-speed, berm'd up decent back down to the railroad bed that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

Another short section of Gandy leads you back to Big Oak (which is where our trailhead is located), your last section of singletrack each lap. It is fun and twisty with several fun A-B lines to choose from. A-lines will have an obstacle that will be faster to ride, but if you are in traffic, the B-line may allow you to sneak past a few competitors, so choose wisely. The lap will finish with you hammering a 1/2 mile of snowmobile trail back to the Start/Finish area.

Please print these maps, if you are heading up to pre-ride. The course is marked all year, so Sport/Comp/Elite/Marathon classes will ride almost everything, except Riegel Park. We will put up temporary signage at key intersection for all classes mid-April.

***KID'S COMP & CITIZEN*** These classes will ride the same course as described above with the following exceptions. Racers will not ride West Ridge, but will head straight to Wissahickon. From the Gandy Dancer, racers will go straight into Big Oak (avoiding Erratic Rock), then ride the snowmobile trail back to Start/Finish area at the High School. Kid's Comp will ride 1 lap and Citizen will ride 2 laps.


  1. is it too late to register for citizen race. or just not able to register online

  2. Online registration is closed I believe. But we would be happy to register you the morning of the race. Your friendly Woolly Club members will be manning the registration table so stop by, say hi, and register.